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Crossdresser Sex

Crossdresser Sex

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I was always thinking what crossdressers feel when they wear these panties, skirts and other clothes for women. The answer is very simple - they feel like they are women. That's why their tight asses must be fucked hard! Some crossdressers are so sexy that you want to fuck them hard like a real bitches!

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12:13 - 2007-Oct-4 - post comment

Party time

This is something I want to do..I have thought about it.I guess I need more of a push.One on one so far always wanted to try two men at once.Luv to be the slut in the middle an take all I can get.Dan

Dan - 08:25 - 2009-Jul-8

Go ahead

You only live once and some times we gotta do what we like!I stopped a a bar on the way home not knowing it was a GAY BAR,Was having a drink when a nice looking guy strikes up a conversation.JUst your normal guy talk.Five drinks later the talk turned to Sex,normal sex then he asked me had I ever thought about being with a man.The driks had loosened my tongue And I said "once or twice".I did not realize he had moved closer to me,his thigh rubbing on my leg,then his hand was always touching my upper thigh,then resting it there and slowly rubbing my thigh until I felt his hand rubbing up against my package.I did not try to stop him for it was turning me ON!He looked in the eyes an said"your mouth is hot"I can picture my cock going in and out of it.Can you??As crazy as this sounds I said yeh I could..He took my hand an led me to a back booth.I sat he stood in front of me pulled his zipper down opened the botton.Told me to pull his pants down,I did as told he had no underware on..Soon this thick cock fell out, lots of hair he smelled good.I leaned foreward starting kissing this man meat,then licking it.He was getting bigger,I opened my mouth an in it went!!Slowly sucking an licking this other mans cock an really liking it!!His hands grabbed my head as he starting pumping faster an harder.I didn't care where I was or what I was doing.Sucking a cock was like I was high.Too soon he came shooting his warm cum on my face and in my mouth,I realize I luv the taste..Only then I looked around and saw I had put on a show for four people!All of them had a looked on their faces"would I do them also" I did.And every once in awhile I stop back there..But no one ever asked me if I am a crossdresser!!Wearing panties & bra also turns me on...Later

Anonymous - 11:23 - 2009-Sep-26

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My name is John and I like crossdressers very much. I'm not a gay men, but when I see sexy crossdresser I wanna fuck him in his ass. Some of these crossdressers are so sexy that my cock getting horny in a seconds!
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