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Crossdresser Sex

Crossdresser in Pantie

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Crossdresser In Pantie

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01:45 - 2007-Oct-4 - post comment

Nice Ass

Love looking at men in panties as I like being looked at.And being told that my ass is hot looking and would like to take it in the ass.Of course I always Say YES YES.I'll also beg if you want.Danny

Dan - 08:42 - 2009-Jul-8

Untitled Comment

where can I get something like in that picture.would like to dress up for a man who will use me.

ron - 02:18 - 2009-Jul-9


Dan I would make you beg an beg before I would let you suck my cock.Watching your red lips kiss my cock.When I'm hard rubbing it on your panty covered ass.Making you Beg for it!Sal

Sammy - 02:23 - 2009-Jul-9

dress up

It is morning andhere I sit alone in my matching bra & panties looking at hot pictures on this site .Wanting a man to be here with me!So I can have him make luv to me.Too see and feel his manhood.His hands and mouth all over my body my nipples getting hard as he bites them.my mouth wanting to surround his thick semi hard cock as he slides in and out of it.His hands holding my face steady as he fucks my wet hot mouth!Me waiting for him to have slip off my panties an lay next to me,rubbing that thick hard cock all over my ass.Telling me I am going what he is going to do next.....Later Dan

Anonymous - 03:14 - 2009-Jul-16

Hello Dan

Where are you? You made me HOT reading your posting.I have a pair of hands that will hold your face as your are my SLUT! I know what to do to a FEM like you.Tell you how good you look in your bra an panties.Then feeling you up pulling an pinching your breast.Grabbing your smooth ass,whipering in your ear how I am going to use you!As I would any girl I Fuck! I know you'll like my short thick cock.

Anonymous - 08:15 - 2009-Jul-17

Really Nice

I love the feeling of wearing smooth silky french cut panties.Thigh high stockings,heels,nice thight dress,long brown wig.Going around the motel room waiting for my date.Too relax with a drink an smoke before we begin.A great way to spend a n afternoon

Anonymous - 08:22 - 2009-Jul-17

crossdressers ass

Yes I love his ass..A friend and I were looking at porn sites when we found this site.He asked me would I get turned on by guys who wear girls underware" there I sit wearing pantys an bra under my street clothes.So I guess it does turn me on..I asked the same question?He ans. that on the screen it did but for real he was not sure..So I stood up faced him an strarted to slowly undress.First opening the snaps on my shirt until it hung open,I knew he saw my black bra.Then the botton on my jeans was open an my hand was pulling my zipper down.Hooking my thumbs on the top of my jeans I very slowly slide them down turning a little so he could see the lace design on my french cut black pantys..My mind was in a fog I never thought that would be standing in front of this long time friend in panty an bra.An hearing him say nice, nice.He told me to turn around,as I was turning his hands grabbed my hips an stopped me ,Then I hear him say my god your ass looks so good then he is pulling me back towards him,now I feel him kissing my ass,his hands slide under my pantys squeezing my ass.What do we do next he ask? What ever you wantI ans.I have thought over the years what his cock would taste like.I have seen him naked an even semi hard it's big enough.But now I'll get to see it all grown up I can't wait to suck on it an see how big I can get it..This has bought our friendship to a new level of trust since we both are married..Now we go camping a little more.an I'm the BITCH....

Anonymous - 12:34 - 2009-Jul-20


I want a friend like you!!!I also crossdress and have wanted to have a friend who also liked the feeling of wearing silky sexy panties, bra thigh high stockings,heels.Too undress each other slowly while kissing an feeling each other up. Licking an kissing his cock covered in lacy panties.He doing the same.Taking it slow enjoying this time together.Finally bring each other to a great climax as we taste each others warm salty luv juice.Thats what a friend is for.Any one want a new friend??

Anonymous - 09:48 - 2009-Sep-25

Dan the Man

Where are you...What you can do for me and others is let us know how to get a hold of you!!Love to play with your tits pinching your nipples hard..Telling you how I'll use a big leather strap on your ass,have you beg for my cock first you'll suck me off.Then tearing your panties off bend you over and give you the ass fucking you want!!!You sound like a real pussey and I will make you my whore!!

Anonymous - 11:38 - 2009-Sep-26


How I would like to be on my knees my mouth kissing an licking that ass.Slowly spreading open those cheeks and licking lightly then deeper his hot hole.Feeling him as he pushes back against my wet face making me taste all of him moving slowly up & down.Then getting under him between his strong thighs an licking his balls an then under his cock.I hope it's a big one ...

Anonymous - 12:51 - 2009-Sep-30


I am here in the north east.Would like too meet another like me who likes to wear sexy girls panties an bra,dark smooth stockings,3" heels,a pleated short skirt,an a long biack wig.Dark red lip stick the better to see where my lips have been.Someone who will take their time an play with me getting me HOT,telling me what they want too do and if I am a good girl I'll get what I want.And I want a cock..One that knows how to make me want more an more.In my mouth,in my tight ass.Over an over all day..To be a perfect whore!!!Luv to be Spanked with a leather strap..

Dan the Wo man - 07:41 - 2009-Oct-31

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