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Crossdresser Sex

Gay Crossdresser

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Have you ever wanted to fuck a man dressed like a woman? Have you ever wanted to wear pantie, skirt, wig, use lipstik and powder and to be fucked like a bitch? If you can answer yes to any of these question then you're crossdresser lover. You don't need to be gay to be crossdresser lover, it's absolutely normal if you want to fuck sexy crossdressers, some of them are even better than a women!

Crossdresser Fuck

 Man, it's absolutely normal that you want
to fuck this chick! Enter Gay Like Girl now!

01:53 - 2007-Oct-4 - post comment


i love the feeling of lace ,nylon etc i love my heels and most of all i get a real fem feeling when its in my pussyass

Anonymous - 04:09 - 2008-May-25

Great Photos!

Sex between a man and a crossdresser is the best there is. If the man is skillful, he will give the crossdresser the kind of “prostate orgasm” that gives her/him a distinctive sort of pleasure, and when the man finally comes, he will get a more mind-blowing orgasm that he can get from any other kind of sex. Whether you call it gay or straight is unimportant; what’s important is that it is excellent sex!

JA - 06:23 - 2008-Nov-14

Girly Femme

<br>My name is Johnnie/Janie.
<br>I just wanted to say, that I totally agree with everything here. I just Love to wear lace stockings, gaurdurs, make-up, bras and panties.
<br>Whatever makes me look a little more girly and slutty enough that some guy will want to fuck me in my hot ass like a girly slut;)

Anonymous - 12:53 - 2009-Jan-20

hey johnnie

if you read this i totally wanna fcuk you

zerothenobleone@yahoo.com - 05:17 - 2009-Feb-10

Dress Up

I luv the feeling of wearing smooth silky panties an thigh high stockings,2"heels,my short black skirt.then being with a man or men who enjoy watching me as they slide his/their hard cocks into my wet mouth.While his friend is grinding his semi hard package on my hot ass,as his hand reaches between my thighs rubbing my panty covered package,telling me how he and friend are going to use their slut all day.This is a day I've waited for to be of service for men who enjoy my dressing up for them and me..If I can help!! Dann

Dann - 02:51 - 2009-Jul-9

Love to fuck sissies

I would love to have a live-in sissy fuckslave to serve my cock.

Anonymous - 12:02 - 2011-Jun-15

Untitled Comment

I love the look on this sissy's face. That's the look they get when they want to steal you away from your girlfriend. ;)

Anonymous - 12:23 - 2011-Sep-1

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My name is John and I like crossdressers very much. I'm not a gay men, but when I see sexy crossdresser I wanna fuck him in his ass. Some of these crossdressers are so sexy that my cock getting horny in a seconds!
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